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Our Services

Besides CrossFit and functional fitness, check out some of the other services we offer. Contact us for more information and pricing!

1 |  Onboarding

Eight 1-on-1 sessions with a certified coach to teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit, so you feel comfortable and confident moving into our group classes. 

2 |  Personal Training

1-on-1 sessions with a certified coach to improve strength & conditioning. Tailored to you and your goals. 

3 |  Nutrition Coaching

Some of our coaches offer nutritional coaching. If you are looking for someone to help you stay on track with nutrition and achieve your goals in and out of the gym, nutrition coaching may be for you. 

4 |  InBody Scans

InBody is a body composition analyzer that measures muscle mass, body fat, and water in body segments. Our unit is located at our Gratiot Road location. Both members and non-members are welcome to try it out.

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